Sunday, February 06, 2022

Return of the Wino

We woke up and with much reluctance left the most romantic hotel in western Washington.

We visited Chief Seattle's grave. The name Seattle is an Anglicization of the modern Duwamish conventional spelling Si'ahl. It's written in English a few ways including the "Sealth" you see on the tombstone.

All of that Native American honoring left us with quite a thirst, so we continued our Wine on the Rock: Wine & Chocolate winery crawl from yesterday. First move was Rolling Bay Winery.

Somehow I talked my way back into the barrel aging area where we got some more wine straight from the cask.

With all the wine sipping I didn't want beer to feel left out, so we visited beer over at Bainbridge Island Brewing.

We were in a fancy neighborhood for fancy people now apparently. This bronze had a price tag on it for $50K.

Eagle Harbor Wine Co.

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