Saturday, February 12, 2022

100 Things in a Seattle Day

Today we had brunch with our friend Julie and Renaud. Renaud is a fancy French baker man and so has weird working hours so it was exciting to finally nail a meeting down.

We went for Tilikum Place Cafe.

I went for the Tilikum fry-up:
house made baked beans (contains pork), bacon, sausage, one fried egg, roasted tomato, grilled toast

I also ordered a Seattle speciality "Dutch baby" for the table. It's kind of like a giant sweet Yorkshire pudding popover type of deal. They can be savory or sweet but this time I got a sweet one with came with lemons to squeeze over it and some maple syrup. A baby a day keeps the doctor away.

We pulled some magic to get ourselves free annual passes to the Museum of Pop Culture, known colloquially as MoPOP, and now we were here to reap the rewards. There's a Heroes and Villains: The Art of the Disney Costume temporary exhibit.

They had all of my favorites. These were the dresses from Halloween classic Hocus Pocus.

They have a fun Indie Game Revolution permanent exhibit where you can play a bunch of indie games, not a single one that I'd ever seen before which was cool.

We made a brief appearance at Tet in Seattle, which was a little Vietnamese flavored Lunar New Year celebration at the Seattle Center, near the Space Needle.

We signed up for library cards at the very cool and futuristic Seattle Public Library-Central Library.

There were words in a bunch of different languages stamped into the wooden floors.

I was just about to buy this amazing moon landing vest, perfect for celebrating Lunar New Year, at the Nike store. Lydia was suddenly overcome with jealousy in an attack that I would describe as a seizure.

I did not buy the vest for the sake of her health, but I think about it from time to time, and wonder how it's doing.

I need to actually enter the Amazon headquarters Spheres one of these days.

Magnuson Park has this old airplane hangar that they incessantly have events in. We checked out the night market. After a few visits to this place I've realized that whatever the theme is that they are claiming to embody, most of the vendors inside are the exact same.

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