Tuesday, February 22, 2022

The Pearl of San Antonio

Zoe left our San Antonio crew and went back to St. Louis, but we still had some time to kill before it was time to proceed down to Mexico. At this point I was working remotely during the day, so there wasn't much action until later on.

Our Airbnb's neighborhood was pretty understatedly fancy, with lots of beautiful old houses to look at.

Southerleigh Fine Food and Brewery is set in the friggin magnificent and cavernous old Pearl Brewhouse which was built in 1894.

Southerleigh's famous fried snapper throats:
Crystal aioli, celery root remoulade

One of my life rules is that if a menu says that a thing is their famous thing, I'm going to order it. Even if it's a pile of fried fish fins. The things were fried so good and so naturally ruffled that they remined me of potato chips in a very weird way.

The entire Peark brewery operation has been turned into an entire district full of amazing shops and restaurants. There's even a hotel in one of the buildings that I was very jealous about not staying at.

This building was unfortunately locked but when I peeked through the window I was pretty excited about the beer bottle light fixtures.

Pearl was so amazing I would be tempted to come back here just to visit it again and see more of what it has to offer.

Back at the crib I saluted our fun brewery adventure with a Neapolitan flavored imperial milk stout from Belching Beaver Brewery.

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