Saturday, February 05, 2022

Bainbridge Winos

The only thing we like more than booze is booze in interesting places so we signed up for Wine on the Rock: Wine & Chocolate. I'm pretty excited that Bainbridge Island has the same nickname as Alcatraz. I wonder which has the most escape attempts.

Driving into a boat will never not be weird. How the heck are these things water tight?

I guess I always just lived in areas that were suitable for wine production, but I think it's funny how many wineries there are in this area with so few vines. Some will even play a little game with you where they have some vines but they're still trucking all their grapes in from eastern Washington as a little sleight of hand.

There was a little pizza oven popup thing at Bainbridge Vineyards that I was happy to get involved with.

I went with an exotic one in honor of our water tight boat.
Ferry Boat Pizza
Kabocha squash sauce, apples, mozzarella, gorgonzola, rosemary, lemon zest, honey

This was good because whenever I'm drinking wine or eating chocolate I sort of wish I was having the other but that problem has been solved.

Some wineries were really specific about which dessert to have with which wine, and others just phoned it in and put some chocolate bark on a plate. Perennial Vintners was the most small-businessy feeling and I thought put the most effort into the event, so I walked out of there with a few bottles as well. 

Fletcher Bay Winery

Eleven Winery

Ba Sa had a Lunar New Year special menu that caught my eye. Past Pho my Vietnamese food game is pretty weak so this was a fun opportunity for some culinary exploration.

Banh Chung and Thit Kho Mang
Steam or fried squared sticky rice cake known to the Northern region of Vietnam with mung bean, pork belly, and pickle vegetable

Also in attendance at the party was
Salt Steam Chicken
Half a salt steam locally raised chicken with ginger scallion oil

What are the odds that the winner of most romantic guy would end up at the Eagle Harbor Inn. Extreme Romance.

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