Wednesday, December 08, 2021

A Christmas Rampage

We got Christmasy all over town today.

My skin was not excited about the transition from Guyana heat to Seattle cold and it politely turned in its resignation.

We had a few slices at Pagliacci Pizza to start things off.

We started at the Garden d' Lights event at Bellevue Botanical Garden.

I think my favorite part were the lights that looked like plants.

We quickly popped by the Rosebud Motel someone set up in front of their house, and homage to Schitt's Creek.

Next we headed to Kringle's Filling Station. It was a very cool holiday themed pop-up that answers the age old question "what if Santa worked at a gas station?"

The pièce de résistance was a friggin gas pump that dispensed hot cocoa instead of petrol. Genius! They didn't have any booze at this place which was definitely negative points but overall was pretty cool.

We really decided to do every Christmas thing in town today. This time we went to Seattle's Miracle pop-up bar. It's funny because this is a chain thing, and they must've set the drink prices to be the same at every location because I remember them being outrageous in St. Louis but not that abnormal for Seattle. St. Louis is unexpectedly walking away with the win on decorations though.

Back at home I festively sharpened my Guyanese machete like a normal, non murderer type person.

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