Saturday, December 18, 2021

Back to St. Louis for Christmas

We were all packed and ready to fly back to St. Louis for some Christmas festivities.

I decided that I couldn't part with my ham leg so soon after our first kiss. I put some tape on the box and just like that it was luggage. Magic.

Covid is still wreaking havoc on the NHL's schedule, with lots of cancellations.

I was reminded that Missouri is full of dingdongs when I arrived at Lambert Airport and saw how many people weren't wearing their masks.

Speaking of unthinking slabs of meat, hammy the leg made the journey across the continent safely. Gods be good!

We stopped for an awesome and unhealthy dinner at Chuck-A-Burger.

They had all the food groups.

We rented an Airbnb above Southwest Diner that looked fun. They have really cool decor in there, and it was big enough to host our Thanksgiving gathering.

This bedroom looked badass with that lightup star map thing on the wall.

I made an appearance at one of my favorite breweries in town: 4 Hands.

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