Saturday, December 04, 2021

Rocket Man

My flights back from Guyana were red eye so they spilled over and ruined the next day as well. A sort of jokey name that the Pacific Northwest has for itself is the "upper left". They are not joking. Countries that used to be not that far away by plane are now tortuous to get to from Seattle. We did the math and and I think Japan is now just as close to us as Europe, which is mind blowing.

Connected in Miami.

I don't usually mess with buying food at airports if I can avoid it but Halfmoon Empanadas intrigued me.

I've been chasing the high of getting paid $600 to take a later flight out of Salt Lake City.

I've been reading a fascinating book on my travels called Money: The True Story of a Made-Up Thing:

"While paper money was new to Europe, banking and bank runs were not. In Venice, money changers had started storing gold for people in the fourteenth century--and lending that gold out to other people. The money changers sat on benches on a busy bridge over the Grand Canal, so they were called banchieri, which translates as "bench-sitters", and which is the root of our words banker and bank."

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