Friday, December 17, 2021

Piggy Christmas

Our big social event for the day was Gabby and Derek inviting us over to their place for a Christmas party.

We pre-partied a bit beforehand with some mulled wine at the apartment.

I'm not sure that I've addressed this kind of boring but ongoing bit of my life. While I was working on my master's degree at Regis University the federal government paused student loan payments on account of the covid emergency. I decided I wouldn't mind an interest free loan so I loaded up on as much as they would give me. There's been some political pressure on President Biden to forgive student loans as well, so I'm looking at taking on this debt as sort of a lottery ticket.

I brought the beautiful Spanish Serrano ham that I bought at Costco as revenge against Lydia trying to ruin my fun in Spain.

The thing was supposed to come with a wooden rack to cut it on but we couldn't get it assembled correctly. Oh well.

It was delicious but it turns out that normal groups of party participants don't eat entire cured pig legs in one sitting.

Wrapping this thing back up was a bit of work.

We tried Derek's Valve Index VR headset thing and had a lot of fun with it.

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