Saturday, December 25, 2021

A Very Hammy Christmas Eve

Today Aunt Rita came over to my mom's house and had a bunch of photos for me to look through.

One of the coolest kid bars in Springfield was Catch 22, and they made you buy two beers at a time. They'd give you one of the beers and a wooden nickel you could use to redeem your second beer later. It was a pretty genius and I think illegal way to get people to come back.

Tom's Mizzou student id. I like the mugshot photo.

A Christmas Eve party was planned at Joyce and Dennis/ house but I think that someone tested positive for something or had some covid symptoms, anyway we ended up still having a gathering but doing it in their garage.

Hammy the leg made his final appearance. He was very popular with Tom in particular.

We took a little walk in downtown Springfield to burn off some of our Christmas feasting.

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