Thursday, December 23, 2021

Springfield Mystery Dinner and Entertainment

It was time to leave St. Louis for a more peaceful and legislatively relevant location: Springfield, Illinois.

Lydia liked that the Airbnb had a hammock hanging from the ceiling.

Man... the drive through Southern Illinois is long, flat, and grey. I'm going to blow the mountains a kiss when I get back to Washington.

Upon entering my hometown we stopped for provisions at Cozy Dog Drive In.

A movie theatre that I used to go to is now a marijuana store. 

My mom had some pretty excellent pictures of me as a kid. I wasn't allowed to have toy guns so I just shot everyone with sticks. Pew pew!

I'm pretty excited about my car seat being made out of leather and metal. Kids these days are soft.

We took my parents on a mysterious night of dinner and entertainment. First was food at Indigo.

The second part of the plan was a bit rougher around the edges. I've been wanting to visit the World Wide Technology Raceway just on the Illinois side of St. Louis in Madison, Illinois for some time. I was also trying to think of taking my parents to do something they hadn't seen before. Well I succeeded in my goals with WonderLight's Christmas but I think we may have waited an hour after driving down an hour to get there. I played Seinfeld episodes on my phone to keep everyone entertained.

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