Saturday, December 16, 2017

Found the Christmas Spirit at a Pop-Up Bar

Lydia scored some free tickets to see Mike Zito at the Old Rock House. So we went to see Mike Zito at the Old Rock House.

He played the blues.

Mike Zito is from St. Louis so that makes him much cooler. Apparently one of his songs was featured in the tv series Sons of Anarchy.

There was this rad ass motorcycle outside the bar.

Afterward we swung by the hippest (and only) popup bar in town: Miracle. It was so hip that there was like a half hour wait, and so crowded that they made you wait outside. I said screw that and drove around the neighborhood until it was time. We still ended up standing in the cold for a long while. I'd still say it was worth it, and the anticipation just made it even more fun when we finally made it in. Even after all of that wait we still only got one chair at the bar, and I stood until someone nearby left. It had a pretty great Christmas theme going on and the staff we completely decked out in Christmas wear.

They set it up in a long-abandoned bar in Soulard with a broken Falstaff sign.

The menu looked like a greeting card.

Cocktails were expensive but I would also say worth it. They had great names like "You'll Shoot Your Rye Out".

Bought a bag of chex mix to really get in the spirit. We're going to be abroad on Christmas Day so I figured we should get a little of it now.

This had me wondering what I should do with my sizeable bottle cap collection.

This was like an alcoholic snowball that you got to drink right out of Santa's pants.

Zoe was so jelly about the fun time we had that we had to take her a couple of days later just to keep her tears at bay. I was happy to go one more time to fully explore the menu. Fun times!

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