Monday, December 11, 2017

A Very Anheuser-Busch Christmas Party

After work I took Lydia to the Anheuser-Busch Christmas party. Essentially it was a turbocharged version of the typical brewery lights experience, plus everything was free. And better. Freebetter.

Shrimp eaten off of an ice sculpture really do taste fancier.

Inside the beer garden the place was a circus. I had expected something a little more dignified, but it seemed everyone brought their seven children to see the bouncy castle and the petting zoo. It did have a kangaroo so I can't blame them.

We hit that open bar like a hurricane. They had a slushy machine full of Lime-A-Ritas. Lime-A-Ritas have the delicious taste of the margaritas that you love, with a fun, refreshing twist.

Outside they had Ices Plain & Fancy liquid-nitrogen frozen ice cream and a carnival ride.

Our parting gift was a case of Bud Light, which was exactly what I wrote Santa asking for!

Poor Lydia went to get some and they told her to F off because she doesn't work there. Here she is F-ing right off. Sad!

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