Sunday, December 10, 2017

A Very Beery Christmas

I mentioned to my work buds that I had a Christmas party coming up and they pitched in a couple of beer tickets to make sure my guests didn't suffer from thirst.

Beer tickets are a magical thing. They entitle the bearer to 2 cases of beer which you can choose from a menu that changes every month. If there is something that they are especially trying to get rid of they may let you have 3 or 4 cases per ticket.

My work friend Danny drove me to the ticket redeeming spot and we went to town loading up his truck with deliciously free beer.

When I got back to my desk they were handing out cases of the limited edition Repeal Reserve Budweiser.

I ended up with about 125 beers in my car.

The day before the party we headed to Walmart for party supplies. We got distracted by the ugly, ugly sweaters that were for sale there.

Back home Lydia did some cooking and Zoe worked on her reindeer related rapping.

Rapping takes a lot out of you I think.

The day of the party I was worried that I may become parched in the shower. There were now only 124 bottles of beer on the wall. 124 bottles of beer.

Fantastically our door buzzer system stopped working the same day I had 50 people visit so I had to go up and down in the elevator over and over all night. I'm a hero.

Turns out the lights in my apartment are bright.

I took a nap. Luckily my friends were around to take pictures of me sleeping like an angel.

The aftermath the next morning was pretty amusing.

Somebody bobbled the head right off of one of my prized Cardinals bobble-heads. Sad.

Party accomplished!

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