Sunday, August 22, 2021

Horsey Hiking then the Mall

Today we did a little hike at the lovely Bridle Trails State Park near our apartment.

"Bridle Trails State Park is a day-use park that lies to the northeast edge of the Seattle metropolitan area. The park is a lowland forest, typical of the vegetation which once covered Puget Sound. The woods abound in Douglas fir and western hemlock, with some western red cedar, big-leaf maple and alder mixed in. Horseback riding and horse shows are the two activities most common in the park. Horse trails double as hiking trails, though horses have the right of way."

I'm obsessed with this nurse tree phenomenon.

The trails were very nice, but there was some horse poop that needed to be avoided.

Bellevue Square Mall is so nice it's stupid. For one thing they have a freaking Royce' shop full of fancy Japanese chocolate. I used to only be able to get this magical product in Japan or at a select couple of airports.

They even had a goddamn Australian meat pie store in here! I'm never leaving this place.

There is a serious amount of boba tea available and everyone takes it seriously. Many of the places selling it here have long lines.

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