Saturday, August 14, 2021

A Last Minute Stroke of Roatan Luck

Lydia's phone was miraculously discovered and turned on the morning of our return trip back to the US. While it was awesome that it was found, that meant we had to drive back to the other side of the island before heading to the airport.

The lucky ducky herself.

Had one last taste of that Caribbean flavor at the airport. Our flight was delayed and we were all squished into a tiny little airport full of douchebags who were too cool to wear masks. Luckily I have a piece of paper from yesterday saying I don't have covid so if I pick it up today it's not really that big of a deal.

The ticketing process here was pretty ghetto, and I don't think they even had a scanner. So they were just hand collecting ticket stubs as you walked through the gate. Well we made it all the way on to a plane, noticed our seat did not exist on that plane, before we realized that we had walked onto the wrong flight accidentally. The PA system was really bad so it was hard to hear the announcements.

Our flight was heavily delayed but I wasn't in a complaining mood. American Airlines had a bunch of flights get canceled so the entire airport was full of angry and stranded passengers. There were a bunch of very unfortunate announcements for these people, including the fact that the mile long line for customer service would all have to go home and call a number because it was so late that the office was closing. Some people who were on connecting flights were stuck with their luggage still in the system, so they'd be renting hotel rooms and wearing the same clothes tomorrow as they did today.

Godspeed to these poor souls.

There was plenty of cleaning theater on display once on the plane. My understanding is that the word is that covid doesn't really live on surfaces. Despite that fact some big companies act like if they scrub your chair real hard between flights you'll be "safe".

To top off a fantastic trip, my bag was not waiting for me at the airport. It was delivered to my apartment some days later.

Hey, every trip you walk away from is a good trip, right?

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