Friday, August 06, 2021

Goodbye St. Louis

The big day had arrived. Essentially I've never lived outside of Illinois, Missouri, or Japan. And here I was about to pack all of my belongings into a truck and drive them across the country to live on the west coast. I was sad to leave St. Louis. I first moved here in September 2010! St. Louis did its best to make the move less painful though by dropping that dead guy on my doorstep a few days ago. That was a nice parting gift that I definitely will not have nightmares about.

Our living room was so damn big they had to put power outlets in the center of the floor.

I remember this basement parking being terrifying at first but by the time we left I could park going about 30 miles an hour. 

Goodbye my sweet sweet Jacuzzi bathtub.

Once the movers had finished loading it up we hopped in and headed down the alley outside our now former apartment one last time.

We had some St. Louisy Lion's Choice famous roast beef sandwiches on the way out of town. I assume it's nothing but soy burgers and wheatgrass where we're headed so I wanted to taste one last flavor.

We made it all the way to Kansas City on our first day of driving before stopping at this charming hotel.

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