Sunday, July 18, 2021

A Dead Guy Outside My Window

We've got about two weeks left in St. Louis before the big move to Seattle.

Kimchi Guys is this awesome little Korean BBQ place that is really out of the way on Laclede's Landing and very easy to forget about. They have really good food. Unfortunately I've heard that they don't have food in Seattle so I have to eat double until I leave.

Moving is the worst but it is a good opportunity to throw a lot of crap away.

One of the perks of living in downtown St. Louis is I hear a lot of gunfire. It's kind of like 4th of July is everyday. This time the shots sounded very close to our apartment building so I ran away from the window as is my custom, and I waited a while then.. went back to the window to see if anything had happened. There was a guy laying on the pavement. Now at this stage I was pretty sure this was a dead man, but sometimes hobos get high and sleep on the sidewalk, so I wasn't 100% sure.

I was proud of myself for spotting him before the police did though. I'm a regular Nancy Drew. Anyway the police found him after a bystander pointed him out.

With the policeman's flashlight I could see some blood and that thing above him turned out to be a gun. The fact that he's wearing gloves and a ski mask in the middle of July leads me to believe he wasn't outside walking his dog.

What followed was a whole symphony of city employees doing their various jobs, and standing around looking at a corpse.

I assume this guy is a detective. I thought it was amusing how much he dressed like a detective. Very film noir.

There were so many people working the scene, I remember feeling kind of sad. Maybe if this many people had cared about this guy when he was alive this wouldn't have happened.

Some bullets must have hit nearby cars as well because the police and Dick Tracy here were paying them a lot of attention.

The police put up a screen thing to block the view of rubbernecks and some news crew people that had materialized. One of the perks of my apartment building that wasn't mentioned by the rental agent is that gun deaths will happen so close to my building that the police won't be able to obstruct my line of sight.

Some dude just ducked the crime scene tape and was walking toward the body before he got checked by the police. I don't know what the hell he was thinking. Maybe his car was parked nearby or something but... no one cares.

Some black shirted people that I believe were from the coroner's office arrived.

After they took the body away, someone hosed off the sidewalk. Families will take their kids to play at his park in the morning and be none the wiser.

The next day I read a bit more about the incident in the news: 

"Suspected robber fatally shot by victim near popular stretch of businesses in St. Louis
Police believe Kenneth Roundtree was shot by the victim he was trying to rob. Police are still working to track down that person"

Did I mention I'm moving in two weeks?

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