Sunday, July 11, 2021

Dolphins Galore

It's fun that my reading the last year has been interspersed with covid doom.

At some point early on in our stay I had to complain that they weren't giving us enough drinking water bottles. Other than that this has been such a worry free time. Our room being on top of the water is a stupid amount of luxury. There's just zero effort involved in enjoying our time here. The most strenuous part of our day is walking to the cafeteria or to a bar to take advantage of our all inclusive privileges.

We walked to the end of end of the pier and there were a few chairs looking out into infinity.

I've never had a thing tailored and there was a cool shirt in the window at the gift shop that I was interested in. Why not?

I was pooped from all that commerce so I got into the infinity pool and ordered infinity piƱa coladas.

I've been reading a lot about hermit crabs since the island is crawling with them. They look pretty damn weird without their shells.

Arrack is an alcohol made from coconut, which is a new one for me. I like that all around the globe people look at food and think to themselves "can I get wasted on this?"

The only time we left the island was for a sunset cruise.

They'd mentioned that there was a chance of seeing dolphins but I've learned the hard way to take such promises with a truck full of salt grains. It turns out animals do whatever the hell they want on their own schedule. Yet again, magical Meeru Island did not disappoint. I for sure saw more dolphins on this trip than I have the rest of my life combined. Possibly more than I'll ever see. There was a huge pack of them.

There was so much staff on the island and they were so isolated that they sort of lived their own little lives outside of work on the island as well. We talked to a couple of staff members who said that maybe they weren't allowed to leave the island at all due to covid restrictions, so I think that the people here are even doubly isolated on top of what you would normally expect. I live in Missouri so I know a bit about isolation myself.

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