Friday, July 30, 2021

One Last STL Hoedown

We were forced to skip last year's installment of our popular Christmas party, and now won't be around for next Christmas. I completed my Master's in Data Science, and we are leaving town, so naturally we decided to throw a Going Away/John’s Graduating/Christmas 20&21 Party.

Skipping town has been a nice opportunity to mop up some things on my wishlist. Gioia's is famous for their hot salami sandwich and I've been curious about this frozen pizza situation.

We had a real good turn out.

As is our custom for Christmas parties we had a white elephant gift exchange. This time was different though because rather than having people bring gifts all of the stuff was things that we were trying to get rid of. It was decent stuff for the most part left over from a side hustle that I had going where I would buy a lot of stuff to pump online retailer's sales numbers. Anyway, the only gag crap gift that I recall was a gallon of some industrial type of acid that I'd never heard of. Fittingly a friend of Emily's I'd never met with a stick up her butt got the bad present!

Danny and Ale even came down from Springfield, Illinois to kick it.

People were loving the random decorations we dug out of our closet.

There was even a mermaid set of decorations that was probably meant for a little girl's birthday party.

I'm going to miss my friends!

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