Friday, August 27, 2021

Our First Washington Festival

We joined the volunteer crew at Kirkland Uncorked, a wine festival near the lake and walkable from the apartment.

They were very anal about the rules. You weren't allowed to drink anything at any time. Also in St. Louis usually these things are sort of all you can drink once you pay the cover charge. Here there was a cover charge plus a token system. Volunteering got us in tomorrow plus some drink tickets.

We were working the beer tent. I kept laughing because although people were buying beer at a wine festival they still wanted to feel pretentious, so they kept ordering friggin asswater Stella Artois that we served in the ridiculous chalices. A whole lot of these stupid glasses ended up in the trash.

We must have seemed pretty untrustworthy because we weren't allowed to handle any actual commerce, we just poured beers.

We got free t-shirts too! Winning.

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