Friday, August 06, 2021

Goodbye Arch

Our plan to escape from St. Louis involved driving a moving van from here all the way to Seattle, then my very kind parents driving my car over to meet us. After considering several scenarios, including towing a car behind the moving truck, we decided to just sell Lydia's car to simplify things. The pandemic has created a lot of new car supply chain issues, and so the price of used vehicles is super high right now, so it seemed like a good opportunity in that respect as well.

There are services now that you sell your car to online, and they even come by and pick up the car. Very painless.

We walked over and said goodbye to the Arch. One of my favorite parts of living downtown was that we could pop over to the country's smallest national park anytime we wanted. Often our next stop after that was to stop by the nearby Lumiere Casino and sip some of their free sodas before returning back home.

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