Thursday, October 15, 2020

Weird Brews are Earthbound

To Cherokee Street!

I'm pretty much a hero.

One of my favorite bars in town, Propaganda, was Soviet Union themed, owned by a former soviet lady, and was just a fun place to hang out.

A different place on Cherokee Street has a creepy life size cardboard cutout of a Propaganda bartender in the window.

Earthbound is a nice brewery to visit because they take covid pretty seriously. The inside of the building doesn't even serve customers, although I think it may be open if you have to use the restroom. They have a window to the outside that you can order from. I also like the place a lot even during the normal, non rapture time periods because the owner is often working the bar and is super knowledgeable and fun to talk to.

They are probably making the weirdest beer in town which I also appreciate. Why bother starting a new brewery and then coming at me with this IPA, pilsener, stout bland crap?

I take one sip of a normal beer and I think to myself: "this would be way better with oak leaves".

The art on their labels is top notch as well.

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