Friday, October 02, 2020

Illinois Camping

It's generally against my religion to camp anywhere but Missouri state parks due to my ongoing mission to visit every single one of them. But, I made an exception to go camping in Illinois with Lydia's family.

Our intellectually challenged president getting covid after acting like it wasn't a problem for so long was like a mini holiday. There's been a lot of talk about what a possible Pence presidency may be like if this turd croaks.

On our way to Riverview Campground. A fun thing about Walmart grocery pickup is that they make a lot of mistakes or... creative solutions anyway. We ordered two bags of raisinets and they must've run out because the second bag was enormous. 

Evan and Sam brought some Nashville suds with them which was appreciated.

Later in the night I did some very important science on beer bottle melting.

I got this thing volcano hot and then did various groundbreaking experiments.

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