Thursday, October 29, 2020

Meaty Meaty Pies

One of my favorite haunts in my early days in St. Louis, Silver Ballroom, posted something about how business wasn't going so well. Being the hungry hungry hero that I am, I put in an order of their delicious Australian meat pies to take home and bake.

We swung by the Silver Ballroom to pick up the provisions. They seemed super thankful to have something to do.

We strolled around a bit in Bevo after our pie transaction. I noticed new little detail on one of the doors of the Bevo Mill.

None other than a tiny little Bevo Fox enjoying a beer and a snack.

They even hand wrote directions on how to warm up the pies. Such service!

I'm an idiot and got over excited and cooked all five of them at once. We... did not need five meat pies at once.

It's sort of like if a cheeseburger fell asleep in a pot pie sleeping bag. I don't like to brag but I've had a few meat pies in Australia. It's whatever. I had a scallops and curry one in Tasmania which I think has been the most exotic so far.

I'm a big fan of this system where movie studies show sneak peeks of movies before they are released in order for the press to see them and review them ahead of time. Well I think as part of the ambience the studios want the theater full, so they give enterprising cheapskates like myself free passes as well. That system has understandably broken down, as there aren't really any new movies being released and even if there were I wouldn't be caught dead in a movie theater sitting next to a bunch of mouth breathers. Well since I'm already on the "free movie dirtbag" mailing lists I've come across a few online movie opportunities where you get to stream a movie ahead of time. This... is confusing to me because as I detailed earlier, I thought the whole point of the exercise was to make the movie seem popular by packing the house. So why let people watch it from home... An awesome twist is that some of these will pay you to watch as long as you fill out some survey stuff afterwards. Don't mind if I do! I think one paid $30 and another was a three movie series and it paid... $75 or $100. Why can this not be my full time job?

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