Sunday, October 11, 2020

Ant Moving Day and Faust Park

My new ant houses came in the mail today! The agreed upon way to start a new ant colony seems to be to fill up a test tube part way with water, plug it up with a cotton ball, then plug the entrance as well. This creates a little chamber with a certain level of humidity. The cotton ball is enough of a barrier to preserve humidity while still letting air in and out.

I wanted Lil' Hank to find her way to the test tube on her own, so I devised a tunnel thing out of a copious amount of tape and a piece of plastic. I wrapped the glass test tube in some magazine to keep out light so she would be more comfortable.

I got her secured and she settled into her new home.

After I got my ant all snug as a bug we checked out a Halloween event at Faust Historic Village. There were lanterns everywhere lighting the dark.

Different stations had interpreters telling spooky stories. One lady just recited Edgar Allan Poe from memory.

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