Sunday, October 25, 2020

Another Dead Governor

After our recent spooky dead governor outing at Faust Park, it's getting to the point where I know the exact whereabouts of every dead governor Missouri has ever known.

I was excited when I noticed that handsome parking garage behind Biden in this article in Forbes. It's in St. Louis! I was actually in attendance during this campaign stop which makes it even more fun.

I've noticed a lot of suicide hotline stuff at Missouri state parks. I wonder what the deal with that is.

Gov. Daniel Dunklin's Grave State Historic Site in Herculaneum, Jefferson County preserves the graves of Missouri's 5th governor and his family. Dunkin served from 1832-1836 and is considered the "Father of Missouri Public Schools".

The historic site was super tiny, just the grave site itself, and was squished between residential properties. So there wasn't much exercise to be had over there and that's half the point of our quest. So we did something rare and went back to a park we'd already been to just to have a hike. Last time we hit Mastodon State Historic Site I had a killer mustache that I have since laid to rest. So this was also sort of a memorial hike.

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