Wednesday, December 18, 2019

St. Louis Blues Destroy Canada

Joel scored some Blues tickets from work and shared them with his bestest friends. So classy.

This was the first Blues match I'd been to since we won the Stanley Cup last season, so it was extra exciting.

The bad guys today were the Edmonton Oilers. On a related note I learned that Edmonton is a city in Alberta, Canada. Who knew? O Canada!

We brought Seago as well. Questionable decision in hindsight.

Speaking of decisions we wish we could take back, President* Trump was impeached today.

Louie was festively dressed.

This sweater is like the best investment of all time. I bought it at Goodwill Outlet for like 25 cents. 

Schnucks soulja boy reporting for duty.

Despite their oiliness, the Canadians were unable to escape STL justice, and were vanquished.

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