Saturday, December 21, 2019

12 Bars of Charity

12 Bars of Charity is a bar crawl around Downtown and Soulard and the proceeds go to numerous good causes. It's cool because you can pick your favorite from a long list of charitable causes and then you get a sweatshirt whose color corresponds to your charity. It sort of like a friendly gang war. I'd always wondered what this particular bar crawl was like because I'd often seen participants walking around in their sweatshirts. Well the wonder was now over.

I don't even recall which charity I picked but I can assure you with humility that all other charities are inferior.

We started off at McGurk's, as many a misadventure does.

There were a couple people out today and they were both thirsty.

Emily was out there crushing it.

Somehow we ended up at Ballpark Village. I don't know.

There were buses running that were supposed to ferry you between the different bars on the crawl. Well I don't think they really prepared for the amount of humanity that turned up for this. The amount of piles of people running to catch buses was reminiscent of a disaster movie. "Don't leave me behind!"

"I'll never forget you!"

I want to say that Blake and I got separated from everyone else and then... ended up at Start Bar?

Sitki likes to wear the same clothes as me. I think he may be trying to steal my identity. If he starts shaving his head I'm going into hiding. It's like Pepsi out there stunting but RC Cola is always lurking in the shadows waiting for an opportunity.

It was tough to get onto a bus but once you were on you changed classes immediately. "Driver, do not stop for this trash." If memory serves, my tip to the driver included one of the comically large beers I bought at a gas station.

When all else fails... go back to McGurk's. Many a misadventure start at McGurk's.

We had a little pizza at Joanie's. We all realized that Emily has a... dependency on garlic knots. Intervention!

I ate a pizza and then rested my eyes for 1 minute and my hater paparazzi comes out the woodwork. Sad stuff. I found that hat on the floor. 

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