Tuesday, December 31, 2019

New Year's Eve 2020

Pretty much every year of my life I've tried to do New Year's as cheaply as possible. Parties at peoples' houses or events at cheap bars(there was that year we did New Year's in Times Square but that hotel was free). Anyway this time I decided to do something a little more glitzy: a party at Cinder House in the Four Seasons at Lumière Place Casino. It was a bit of a Russian nesting doll sort of party location.

So tickets to this thing were about $100 each and that included unlimited hors d'oeuvres and open bar, DJ, the whole nine yards. Great. That being a decent chunk of change, I emailed Cinder House to see if there were any deals available or discount rates for bulk ticket orders. They said no. Fine. So we buy 5 tickets and wait for the big day. 

Some time later one of our crew shows me a Facebook ad saying that if we had eaten at the restaurant we could have gotten tickets for $50 a piece! Oh hell no. They done goofed with the wrong dude. After multiple emails I secured a gift certificate to the restaurant for the extra amount we paid over the $50.

I'm glad it went that way, because otherwise I would have been honor-bound to walk out of that place with $180 worth of silverware in my pants.

We stopped at Emma's house shindig to make an appearance first and wore party hats that fit perfectly on our heads.

For my first drink at the open bar, I ordered a bourbon straight. Lady gave me a pour like I had ordered an apple juice. As much as I like bourbon I had to set it down before I drank half. If I had finished that thing that would have been my first and last drink of the night.

So I got the loudest, wildest, sequin-covered suit jacket I could find at the mall and I was really excited about wearing it out. I made the mistake of telling Ryan where I bought it a day or two before the party. The dude went to the same store, and bought the same jacket. We looked like a couple of gay magicians.

But you know, when you reach a certain level of success, there's going to be imitators. Comes with the territory.

See what I'm talking about?

Somebody kept hogging all of the champagne.

We started the year off so well... I just had this feeling that nothing bad could possibly happen in 2020. And nothing did. The end.

Lydia and I after-partied at Viry and Lolo's house and sang some karaoke with Le French. 

Mais l'Amérique, l'Amérique,
Je veux l'avoir et je l'aurai.

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