Saturday, July 09, 2022

Pacino, Pretzels, Pizza

We worked so hard on our recent trip to Las Vegas that we needed a little vacation.

On the plus side Seattle's airport seems to be much more of an international hub than St. Louis' which means less connecting flight torture and more choices. A negative is that the place is often packed.

I worked so hard getting through security that I needed a mini vacation in the airport lounge.

I wanted to start my trip on the right foot so I asked for their finest Italian beer.

Condor is Lufthansa's bargain basement airline. Now that covid is winding down there's a lot of pent up demand for flights and supply hasn't caught up, so this was a rather expensive flight despite the fact that it was terrible.

For example the plane had no air vents. I'm not even going to make any German death camp jokes about this because I'm classy. It's pretty sick that you were even thinking that. So it was super hot on board, plus these nutjobs still wanted us to wear masks the entire time. It was miserable. I tried to sleep by leaning against the window but my sweaty head kept sliding off.

The movie selection must have been rough because I ended up watching the 1975 Dog Day Afternoon starring what looks to be a 12 year old Al Pacino

and Fredo.

There was a nasty immigration line in Frankfurt.

The line was so long that I had some time to do some beer stein shopping.

I also had time to drink a beer in line. Franziskaner Weissbier is one of my favorite Anheuser-Busch products.

I also had time to go to the ATM. The euro recently hit parity with the dollar so I grabbed a few more than I usually would.

The Aeroporto di Venezia Marco Polo was a beauty. Even the luggage carousel had art on it! 

Buying a private water taxi to the hotel was a splurge but after the sweaty trip I just had I felt like I'd earned it.

My Omega Mart tattooed chicken t-shirt has already gotten some amusing comments on this trip. What an investment.

I like to think that our taxi captain was the coolest man in the world.

Nonstop ladies were blowing up his phone. Could've also been his mom. I don't speak Italian so good.

I could see some majestic towers poking up out of nearby islands. We were going to stay in our little neighborhood for today so for now they would stay a mystery to ponder.

I like it when a hotel's name is a friggin' haiku. 
This is the Hotel Indigo 
Venice - Sant'Elena, 
an IHG Hotel.

"At the heart of the neighbourhood is Hotel Indigo® Venice - Sant'Elena, a converted 1930s monastery where a peaceful inner sanctuary offers further respite from the bustle. Our neighbours include the elegant red-brick Gothic church of Sant’Elena, built by Augustinian monks in the 11th century and known for its lofty landmark belltower."

I think we were technically on the same island as all the classic Venice sights but a bit of a jog away from them.

The neighborhood was super cute. Check out these tiny old school doorbells.

They were drying laundry over the street like some 1920s NYC scene.

First order of business was gelato. I liked it a loto.

Second was pizza. Cucina Nevodi had a lot people out front so it seemed like a good choice.

Via Giuseppe Garibaldi was poppin'.

There was a bit of wait so we got some groceries and then returned.


We got a couple pizzas but my pick was the 
Pomodoro, mozzarella, mozzarella di bufala, acciughe, pomodorini, e basilico

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