Thursday, July 21, 2022

Fancy Board Game Bar

Our friends Sumit and Shubra are big board game people and invited us to check out Mox Boarding House Bellevue. I've been to board game bars before but nothing like this!

They have a bar area that is speakeasy themed and can be accessed through a secret entrance behind a bookcase. 

They had a lot of amusing Prohibition themed stuff on the walls that was amusing.

The place is giant, with rooms for more casual and then the hardcore card collecting/figurine type nerd games.

We picked this cool game that was sort of like Where's Waldo? but had multi-part mystery stories to unravel by finding characters and tracing their paths through the city. It was very unique and fun.

They have so many games in their library section that they have one of those wheeled ladders on a track for the worker to reach stuff with.

We made it back to Kirkland for a nice walk to an unbeatable Lake Washington sunset.

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