Monday, July 25, 2022

Capitol Hill Block Party

Lydia was out of town, maybe in St. Louis doing her gallivanting. Luckily my French baker friend Renaud is a cool kid and let me in on his cool plans.

We started our journey at his house, where he immediately started cooking restaurant level food. This I think was burrata with... maybe balsamic vinegar on it?

Then he dismantled a Costco rotisserie chicken and mixed it with cream cheese (which he just calls Philadelphia... he may think that's the only brand) and pasta. I was skeptical but it was amazing.

Capitol Hill Block Party is fun because it's a music festival but rather than being in some weird field somewhere, it's in the heart of one of the coolest neighborhoods in Seattle. There are trees and buildings everywhere so there was a ton of shade, and you can buy food and drinks from local businesses instead of some crap from a concession stand. It was a good opportunity to take a peek inside several Cap Hill joints that I didn't realize existed.

All the coolest kids were here. This musician had like a traffic cone on their head the whole time. Very cool.

I believe this is a depiction of Jesus of Nazareth constructed out of marshmallow Peeps. Which are like an Easter food so it's very meta if you really sit down and think about it. I don't care how stale these are I would eat them all in one sitting.

I'm old and uncool so Diplo was the only artist there today that I had heard of. The act is easily confused with but totally different from Duplo, the large children's building blocks.

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