Tuesday, July 05, 2022

Nobu to Nobu

I worked from the hotel today so Lydia had her adventures without me.

I was annoyed after we sprung for a nicer hotel, and paid the nonsense scammy resort fee, that they still robbed me yet again when I needed to connect multiple devices to the internet. Things like this are evidence of a inhospitality that I think is prevalent in Las Vegas. There are so many visitors that it doesn't really matter how they treat you because the next guest is already on their way.

I took a break from work and strolled around the pool one last time. It's a fun place.

After the fun experience we had in the Vanderpump in the Paris casino I wanted to try out the Vanderpump Cocktail Garden location at Caesars Palace.

The decor in these places is very striking and unique.

After the fun smokey concoction I had at the other location I couldn't resist another go.
"Rome is Burning (for 2 people)
A smoked black cherry Manhattan
Woodford Reserve bourbon, Carpano Antica Formula vermouth, black cherry, chocolate bitters"

Lydia got a:
"Please Her, Caesar!
Vanderpump vodka, rose champagne, blackberry, elderflower, lemon, aquafaba".

For our last dinner we stopped a few steps away from our Nobu Hotel lobby at the Nobu restaurant.

We went for the omakase. "Omakase is a Japanese phrase, used when ordering food in restaurants, that means 'I'll leave it up to you'."

As my last act in our Nobu Hotel room I did a little bathrobe modeling.

TSA Precheck being closed should be against the constitution.

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