Sunday, July 31, 2022

The Boysenberries Taste Like Boysenberries

We went on quite a journey in order to pick some berries at Graysmarsh Berry Farm near Sequim, Washington.

There are a lot of exotic berries out in the west and I was excited to meet them in their natural habitat.

It turns out all of these exotic sounding berries I've been hearing about are more like blackberry/raspberry variants. Still different but not mind blowing.

Sequim has decided to make its whole personality revolve around lavender.

Lavender doesn't do much for me. I think that I partially lost my sense of smell during a bout of covid and since then light flowery smells such as this no longer register in my nose. Oh well.

We went to town and witnessed quite a breadth of lavender related products.

lavender lemonade

Sequim has apparently claimed the coveted crown of "Lavendar Capital of North America". What an honor.

We had fish and chips at a place called Sea J's Cafe in Port Townsend. It was a pretty terrible experience. We ordered and sat outside patiently waiting for our order. When I finally got tired of waiting I went in and it was clear that they had forgotten about us. When we finally got the food it wasn't fried quite right, maybe just undercooked. So bad.

I might need to hit this place next time I'm in the vicinity. Cornish stuff always reminds me of the good times I had in British Mike's homeland.

We counted all the berries as soon as we got home.

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