Friday, July 15, 2022

Cruisin' the Amalfi Coast

Today we took a lovely little cruise up and down the Amalfi Coast.

We started our little jaunt from our current temporary base of Salerno.

At certain intervals our group had a chance to swim. I've been getting sunned to death the last couple of days. It turns out most ancient Roman buildings no longer have roofs. Anyway so I said the hell with that and stayed in the shade on the boat.

Lydia did some swimming.

I wasn't just sitting on the boat idle though, there was wine and snacks.



Lydia had a sfogliatella and I had a "Lemon Delight, or Delizia al Limone, [which] is synonymous with the Amalfi Coast."

Duomo di Amalfi

Mago del Gelo takes one of the massive local lemons, cuts it open and scoops out the lemon, then fills it with lemon sorbet and limoncello gelato.

I don't play with this sun.

Sorbet coma


Wine is life

I had enough to walking up these hilly towns in the sun and sweating my butt off like some sort of day laborer. I found a nice perch in the shade on top of Hotel Buca di Bacco and had a few sips.

I got a
Negroni del Professore
Bitter Campari, gin e vermouth del Professore

It was our last chance to swim so I took a little dip off the coast between Positano and Arienzo.

Back on the sweet sweet land of Salerno we did some strolling.

We had a nice dinner at Al Dente Spaghetteria.

We had some stuffed and fried zucchini blossoms.

We took an evening stroll which seemed to be a hugely popular social event for the locals. Entire families, some of them pretty fancily dressed stopped to talk with other groups they knew.

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