Saturday, June 25, 2022

Sneaky Little Joule

Lydia is out of town which affords me the rare opportunity to be my true self. Mostly this involves eating pizza in my underwear and playing a medically ill advised amount of video games.

Central air is apparently not common in the Seattle area because it didn't ever used to get hot enough to be necessary. Well, now it does, so we bought a portable air conditioner. Another fun and weird aspect of many dwellings around here is for whatever reason the windows open horizontally. Usually I'm accustomed to most windows opening vertically. Anyway, this precludes us from buying the classic AC window unit that just hangs out the side of the window. So we bought this monstrosity that has a big pipe thing that snakes out the window.

The people that make deliveries to our apartment hate me, and so whenever something is very heavy they leave it at the bottom of three flights of stairs. I hate them so much.

I really found myself today. Instead of "making a reservation" or "planning my day" I just sort of picked a neighborhood, looked up what restaurants around there were cool, then walked up and asked if they had seating for one. I got turned down once or twice but Joule said: "you look like you might be tired from lugging an appliance up a bunch of stairs why don't you sit down and have the beers." So I did.

Joule is super fun. Google describes it as "Korean-fusion steakhouse offering Asian-Northwest eats amid handmade wallpaper & communal seating." I saw so many delicious sounding foods that I ordered way too much. Whatever.

This beauty is just a bone sliced down the middle. I am a wolf man.

"Bone Marrow
spicy anchovy butter, leek"

Spicy rice cake
chorizo, pickled mustard green

"that" Short rib steak
kalbi, grilled kimchi

This gross little surcharge thing seems to be gaining steam at local restaurants. I'm fine with the social cause, in fact, I don't care. What you do with the money I give you for half a bone is your own business. You need to be an adult and raise your bone price 4% and quit being a sneaky dirtbag. 

My new Xbox Series X arrived and I've been playing the maddeningly difficult Elden Ring. One of the reasons that it is the current hotness is that George R. R. Martin of Game of Thrones fame was a writer. I put this hilarious pumpkin helmet on my character because I'm gangster like that.

I had a sip at Central Club & Tavern and watched some very important sports matches.

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