Saturday, June 18, 2022

All the Beers and a Baller Dinner

My boss at Microsoft Roger was kind enough to invite us to the Washington Brewers Festival at Marymoor Park in Redmond, Washington.

There were exotic birds. Things were off to a good start.

There were exotic beers.

I was drawn to my Anheuser-Busch undercover Elysian brethren. It's ok, I won't tell the locals you control 30% of planet earth's beer market. We'll just pretend you're still a Seattle mom and pop operation.

Diamond Hands is a reference to holding onto stupid investments like Bitcoin or Gamestop stock in order to be brutally devastated when the rug is pulled out from under you.

There were a lot of fun beers to try. In St. Louis, land of the free, a festival like this would be all you can sip. Here in occupied territory they give you like 5 tokens with admission then take more of your money if you want more tastes. This is an injustice that cannot stand. Washington politicians legalized weed and are now moving on to psychedelic mushrooms. When are they going to legalize beer?! 

We bought some of these deep fried peanuts. I think we ate a bag and saved one for Lydia's dad. In the south where he lives the move is boiled peanuts where people also often eat the shell. It was sort of an inside joke type situation.

The problem with so many beer tastings is I often forget my place and have to start all over. Sad.

Today we ate dinner at what might be the fanciest restaurant in Seattle that I'm aware of: Canlis.

Our table setting had like a little zen garden in the center.

The food here was so wild that I wasn't quite certain what the heck it was even after ordering it. "We're serving a multi-course dining experience where you choose three of the courses (and we like to surprise you with several others)."

One thing I've learned about fancy people is that they don't like their soup to come in soup form. They want to examine the solids then watch the liquids poured on top. They are very particular people!

duck, green garlic, spinach, berries

There isn't enough fern in food these days. They are so fun and spiraly.

smoked cacao, nougatine, milk ice cream

When it was time to go they gave us a postcard. Bold move.

When it was time for us to depart the hostess already knew we were coming. She was standing by the fireplace and holding out of coats to warm them. Now that is baller service.

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