Saturday, June 11, 2022

Party All Over King County

My day started as most awesome days do, at the DMV. I'm having an annoying issue with my license plates. I'll leave it at that.

Not only did we kill the local Walmart but we killed the local Outback Steakhouse. I love it here.

The Kirkland marina area on Lake Washington has all sorts of festivals.. but they sort of all seem the same after a while. There is booze though, so I'm not sure I care. Anyway this time it was the Kirklandia Wine Festival and Cider Smash.

There was a taco eating contest.

I learned some Washington geography while sipping my wine.

Look, there's the moon.

Flatstick Pub has a point system where you win prizes.


We checked out a bar called Gold Bar.

People were dressed crazy, it was packed, everyone was having a great time. Then we realized we'd accidentally crashed someone's birthday party. Oh well.

This knowledge did not stop us from taking some amazing party favors.

We bought this cool pillow cover in Paris at Sainte-Chapelle and finally put a pillow in it.

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