Monday, June 13, 2022


We were up in Everett, WA for Sorticulture, "the premier festival for garden art, local plants and flowers and handmade outdoor products". 

While doing our usual walking past of bunch of junk I wouldn't take home were it free, we stumbled up something fun: Funko HQ.

The place was like a Funko Pop! figurine Mecca.

Tempted with this Seinfeld backpack. Not today Satan!

I was double tempted when Lydia built a custom figure of my favorite character of all time:

Me! While I do like money and laptops... I feel like this could pretty much be 50% of the dudes in Seattle.

We stopped at Brooklyn Bros. Pizzeria for a slice and they were having a graduation ceremony across the street at Angel of the Winds Arena.

That arena sponsorship deal worked on us immediately because we were compelled to go to Angel of the Winds Casino.

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