Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Crab Apples

I could not believe the scene at Peter Kirk Pool. First of all, it was 61 degrees outside and everyone on land was wearing coats. Second some of the swimmers were wearing covid masks! Some of my St. Louis friends were particularly triggered as masks fell out of use there some time ago. You'd think that wearing a mask that got wet would pretty much guarantee suffocation.

After my recent fun times eating on Jeff Bezos' dime, When I got an invite from Steve Apple to do the same thing I had no choice but to accept. 

mbar's is accurately described as an "artful rooftop space with a modern Middle Eastern–meets-Mediterranean menu, drinks & sweeping views."

While I was pretty excited to get a chance to talk with Apple's Media Products team, but the event was not very well structured like the Blue Origin events were. It was not super clear who even worked at Apple, and they weren't that outgoing so it was extra awkward.

I stayed for what felt like a socially acceptable amount of time then bounced. I was happy to get a chance to check out the bar and the amazing view of Lake Union, though.

I decided to be Lydia's hero today and brought her back some Mochinuts from the same building as the networking social.

This style of mochi donut was super popular in Japan and I don't think I've had it since I lived there, so it was very fun and nostalgic to have some again.

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