Friday, June 17, 2022

Bar Hopping and Xboxing

Today I scored some free tickets to the Tractor Tavern to see some live music. How exciting.

I think I was waiting to order the new Xbox Series X as a reward for accomplishing something of some importance... but I cannot recall what that thing was. I'm going to say it was a reward for keeping such a sunny demeanor in the face of the pain resulting from not owning an Xbox Series X.

I saw some Xbox decals in the Costco parking lot and I knew that the universe wanted me to have that Xbox Series X more than maybe I even wanted it myself.

I liked the opener a lot. Reposado had a fun latin sound and the front man was very fun and energetic.

The Tractor Tavern is much more cowboyish than you usually see in a Seattle bar. It's funny, a lot of Missouri things are so rare here that I actually appreciate them when in Missouri they would make me throw up a little bit in my mouth.

With the opener so good I was really excited for the main course: The True Loves.

So they start jamming, it sounds pretty good, they jam some more. I keep thinking at every pause that they are going to start laying down the lyrics. They do not. They are an instrumental only group. Lame! We didn't stay much longer.

I read an article about this fun new sort of spacey tiki bar concept that had just opened called Carnelian Bay.

The menu was very high concept, and was sort of a sci-fi journal of an explorer on another world. 

The drinks corresponded to the plot points in the story. I thought it was very very cool.

That bar had a sister bar that was supposed to have a similar story-driven vibe.

It did not really connect as well with me. The menu was similarly themed but it felt kind of like a yard sale board game that was missing some pieces.

The vibe of the place was still very fun so I'm glad we checked it out.

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