Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Some Delicious She-Crab Soup

I watched more of Joe Biden's inauguration than I have of any other before it. I was so happy to see Trump leave. That guy was the worst.

Refilled the swamp on his way out. Classy.

I'm still a little hurt that I didn't get an invite to the event after we became best friends at that rally, but I think the attendance was vastly pared down due to the pandemic. I'm not mad at you, Joe!

We sipped the Champagne of the South pretty consistently through our entire stay.

We checked Myrtle Beach out at night to admire some of the lights. It's off season here at Myrtle so it's kind of weird because the stores and attractions here are clearly built to hold a lot of people at one time, but due to the weather and maybe covid the place is a ghost town. I have to think that covid played some part because you'd think that if the area was this bone dry of customers every year at this time that some of these shops would just close for the season.

I've been to the Tin Roof in downtown St. Louis a time or two and I knew it was a chain, but it was still weird to see one here. Also the building was too nice to house a place with such a grungy name.

I enjoyed how many retro hotels were still going strong on the main strip.

The Goddess of the Sea

The list not only mentioned that she-crab soup is awesome but it even told me the place to get it which just so happened to be in Myrtle Beach!

Sea Captain's House sounded like a cool place but we don't do restaurants right now due to covid. In fact I think we re-heated the soup because we don't really even trust food that we haven't cooked ourselves.

It was pretty great. I think it may be the richest creamy soup that I've ever tasted.

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