Saturday, January 16, 2021

The Drive to Myrtle Beach

Recently we rented an RV and drove that monster from St. Louis all the way to Colorado and New Mexico. The RV experience had some pluses and minuses. Actually driving that thing wasn't always pleasant as it was a gas guzzler and required a lot of resource management. So for our trip to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina we came up with another strategy that was novel for us: we booked an AirBnb there for a month and we plan to set up our offices there and work out of it, then have our adventures on nights and weekends.

The drive to Myrtle was serious and as we were only in a car now and didn't want to stop at a hotel, we did the trip in one swoop. Randomly I saw a sign for Nashville so we visited Lydia's dad Evan on a whim.

The place is actually in North Myrtle Beach and is really nice. It's up on stilts with a parking spot underneath. I'm excited about all of the possibilities of this trip. I've never been to South Carolina at all and the area really seems to have a vibrant food culture in particular. I've been doing a lot of research on what foods we should try.

I also wanted to try plenty of the local booze. I was amused by the local alcohol laws. You could do beer and wine curbside pickup but not spirits. You know because that is very much different than buying spirits inside and walking five steps to your car.

The rules were honestly so convoluted that I'm not 100% certain on what they even were.

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