Saturday, January 23, 2021

Some Spicy Local Ginger Ale

The Russell Burgess Coastal Preserve was nice a swampy and full of cool birds.

I was trying to share the beauty of our planet with Lydia and all she wanted to do was talk about this plant that had leaves shaped like wieners. Some people... tell you what.

Back on the coast I thought about how there was a time that I was compelled to pick up tons of seashells. There's still a little voice in my head to collect them all but I don't listen to it anymore.

I feel like this is either a dead jellyfish or something way worse.

How I love to see a tattered Trump flag in the wind.

In a very nautical move some of the houses have like crow's nest watch towers on top. This one even has a pirate captain on top searching for booty forever.

Blenheim ginger ale is the real deal. I got the hot version and it was so nice and spicy. It annoys me that I have to settle for the crap soda big corporations sell in the supermarket. There's 40 brands of cola. I'm over it! Give me something new.

I primarily bought this Hop Art IPA from Brewing Coast Company out of North Charleston, SC because I thought the can looked cool.

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