Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Back to Work in North Myrtle

The only way we could make this such a nice long trip was to make it a working trip. Due to the end of the world we are both able to work remotely, so we figured why not work remotely... remotely? But it was a bit of a strange contradiction, being in a fun new place but still having responsibilities.

I've had boiled peanuts before in Tennessee but it seemed right to buy some more in South Carolina.

Oh great another food that came over with the slaves. What a strange place this is.

Traveling is good because it reminds you that time is finite. We tried to make the most out of every night even if we were tired from work.

This Ace Hardware had a bunch of lobster traps for sale.

Tomorrow is Joe Biden's inauguration. The nightmare is finally ending. It's been a very long four years.

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