Friday, January 29, 2021

New Job and Some Shopping

I read that the Myrtle Beach area had some pretty serious shopping and entertainment opportunities. I didn't want to go "inside" of any of them but why not take a stroll nearby?

On one of our strolls I spotted a box of glass next to a recycling area. This being a fairly fancy neighborhood I had to check it and as I suspected, it was chock full of treasures. I now drink beers out of some artsy wine glasses.

I was very impressed with Broadway at the Beach. It was almost up to the Vegas level of fancy fantasy buildings everywhere. This building was upside down for example.

All of the stores and attractions were built around a lake.

I guess WonderWorks is some sort of sciencey education entertainment place.

Myrtle Beach is kind of like a non-hillbilly Branson or Pigeon Forge.

The water really made the lights pop.

The rest of this stuff was whatever, but not being able to see the Simpsons stuff wounded me deeply. I need to come back to this place if... civilization continues. I'd even come back in a post apocalyptic zombie situation really a la Zombieland.

Just like every single place here was awesome.

These are the sort of ads I would make if I was in the business. They are sort of making fun of consumerism while also participating in it.

I got a job offer at U.S. Bank! I bought a few small beverages to celebrate. I actually had two offers at the same time this time around which was a good spot to be in. I don't like to use the word career because it feels pretentious but... I'm feeling much more confident with the direction I'm headed in with my work and the master's degree I'm slaving away on. I don't remember the exact timeline but Lydia changed jobs in South Carolina as well. This work vacation thing we're on ended up being a gateway and our lives would be different when we returned home.

The situation at my current job has been deteriorating. I got a new boss who imagines my responsibilities as being very limited. It was weird because it kind of felt like I was being pushed out but he seemed surprised when I put in my notice. The employee/manager relationship is an intriguing animal.

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