Saturday, July 09, 2016

The Stratosphere Las Vegas

I don't really recall why but we decided that today we were going to go to the Stratosphere Las Vegas, which is the Space Needle looking thing. It's on a bit of a sketchy part of Las Vegas Boulevard, about halfway between the strip and Fremont.

Justin is mostly a table game sort of guy so I was trying to tug him toward the slots a bit. As much fun as memorizing betting statistics is I'd rather just sit and watch Slimer throw money at the screen.

Once at the top of the Stratosphere we could see Trump International Hotel Las Vegas. Hopefully their business is suffering. 

They have the classic tall pointy building restaurant inside that slowly turns.

We saw a bungee jumper fly by one the windows. That was startling.

I make some of my most important product purchase decisions while washing my hands.

The next day on the flight back home I had the honor of helping an old man get his knee on his side of the airplane seat.

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