Thursday, July 07, 2016

Las Vegas Like a Local

Staying with Justin's dad in North Las Vegas afforded me the opportunity to see Vegas through the eyes of a local. On previous trips to Sin City I spent the majority of my time on the Strip in the giant fancy casinos and shows. Well this time I got to see some of the casinos that locals enjoy due to smaller crowds, lower prices, and even better odds on card games.

The pool at the house was funny because they had to put spiky chicken wire in the pool at a shallow point because pigeons would land in the water and drink it. There was a family of the birds squawking away overhead in a palm tree.

The Cannery was the nicest local casino that we went to. A few places we visited were real dives but this place was solid. Justin's dad was always flush with coupons so we had some sort of 2 for 1 steak dinners here.

 I took the opportunity to turn the claw tables on these lobsters in this "catch a lobster" machine. Turns out catching a live animal underwater is as hard as you might imagine.

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