Saturday, July 02, 2016

Independence Day Parade

I've lived in St. Louis maybe 5 years and this is the first time I've been able to get up early enough on a Saturday to go to the Independence Day Parade. Because of this I did not know that in St. Louis it is called the VP Parade. VP, or Veiled Prophet, is sort of a secret organization for rich people. It sort of reminds me of a douchey version of the Shriners with less helping of other people. They do share a sort of cheeseball retro Middle Eastern mystery factor. 

There was literally a float with a few people wearing creepy veils. I think this just must have been the style for a certain period of time. The Chinese Theater in Hollywood and the St. Louis' Fox Theater come to mind, with a lot of really gaudy but awesome Eastern motifs all over the place.

Some firemen came by and I informed them of the horrible fire that Lydia was experiencing.

They put her out with no time to spare. I'm writing this in late August and we are still finding bits of confetti in our apartment.

Later that night we headed over to our friend Katie's place near Belleville, IL for a little bit of festivities.

They had an awesome spread of food. Eating fruit that's not been dipped in candy has been difficult for me ever since.

Their firework spread was as serious as the food spread. These were definitely the largest fireworks I've ever actually seen someone light.


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