Monday, July 04, 2016

Flo Rida at Fair St. Louis

St. Louis throws a mean 4th of July party. The weekend festivals used to be at the Arch but it's currently being remodeled so this year's Fair St. Louis was held at Forest Park. The name of the festival was changed to Fair St. Louis in 1992, and before that it was known as the VP Fair. Again, as I yapped about a bit in my previous post about the parade, the "VP" stands for a cabal of rich people known as Veiled Prophet. The Atlantic featured an interesting article (here) about them a couple years ago.

There was a little groaning when I said I wanted to come early to see George Clinton and the Parliament-Funkadelic. He did a decent job but I was disappointed to see him without some outlandish neon spaceman costume that he used to wear. It was cool to see him regardless though.

The big draw was Flo Rida. He really killed it. He just has so many hits that he was able to keep the crowd jumping for what seemed like hours and hours.

I feel like sign language interpreter for a live rap show must be among the hardest jobs of humanity.

Fireworks were fired.

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